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A comprehensive educational outreach program designed to significantly decrease tree stand accidents and deaths. It is being led by the NBEF (National Bowhunter Education Foundation) with support from the hunting industry, state and federal wildlife agencies, and the medical community.
YOUR HELP IS NEEDED....not only to spread the word about HUNT SMART/HUNT SAFE, but also your monetary support is needed.  By purchasing Project STAND merchandise or simply by making a tax deductible donation.

Support levels start at $25.

Corporate Pledge levels begin at $2,500.

Project Sponsor     $5,000-$10,000
Listed On Some “Project STAND” Materials,
& Permission to Affiliate

Project Leads      $10,000 & Above
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& Permission to Affiliate

Join in the effort to stop tree stand accidents today.

Sadly, tree stand incidents and deaths are an all too familiar occurrence within the hunting community. National studies indicate that approximately 10% - 30% of hunters who hunt from an elevated stand will have an incident sometime in their hunting career. Some will not live to tell their story; others will tell it from a hospital bed or wheel chair. Many accident victims will never hunt again. Some states report higher fatality rates associated with tree stand incidents than with firearm incidents.

Annual tree stand sales number well over 1 million units per year and show no signs of decreasing. As more and better tree stands are developed and tree stand hunting is promoted, more and more hunters are hunting from tree stands. Many older hunters have not taken a hunter education course which has traditionally taught tree stand safety. Additionally, new information is available today that was not available ten, five, or even two years ago. Tree stand safety education is therefore a perpetual “work in progress” in constant need of updating, repackaging, and redistributing.

Seriously injured tree stand accident victims may or may not be treated by first responders familiar with suspension trauma injuries.


Research, Equipment Purchases, Course Delivery, Research Analysis, Course Development, Media Purchases, Message Delivery, Website Development
Approximately $100,000




The NBEF is internationally recognized as the authority in tree stand safety education. Tree stand safety has been an integral part of bowhunter education courses for over 30 years. The NBEF works with the leading authorities in the field to produce tree stand safety educational materials such as their state of the art DVD which is included with every tree stand manufactured by members of the Treestand Manufacturers
Association (TMA).

The NBEF instructs over 50,000 bowhunters each year and works closely with the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) and their 70,000 volunteer instructors.

The NBEF produces the majority of materials used by State agencies to teach tree stand safety and works closely with state and federal wildlife agencies as well as the hunting community.

Members of the hunting community have asked the NBEF to launch a major initiative to address the issue of tree stand safety.

Although the NBEF is internationally recognized as the leader in tree stand safety education, Project STAND is outside the scope of their annual operating budget.

The NBEF will depend upon the support of the hunting industry and related organization to fund Project STAND.

Companies with a vested interest in hunting and tree stand safety are pledging support of $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000 in pledges renewable for 3 years. Companies interested in assuming a leadership position in Project STAND are pledging more.

Project STAND is being strongly supported by the entire hunting industry who recognize that, in addition to being in their best interest, supporting Project STAND is just “the right thing to do.”

  To significantly reduce tree stand related incidents.
Project STAND has worked with D. J. Case and Associates to conduct an analysis of known information regarding tree stand incidents.  This review of incidents will assist in constructing the appropriate safety message.  In addition, the expertise of known safety education experts, hunter safety specialists, medical personnel, and professional communicative firms are being utilized by Project STAND.
Measuring Success
A national study will be conducted in 2008 to document tree stand incidence and injury rate.  The study will be repeated 5 years post initial evaluation to measure effect of program.  Additionally, anecdotal data will be collected on an ongoing basis.


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